just scheduled an appointment for a consultation next tuesday at Alma Midwifery and Birth Center - i can’t wait! i rode past it the other day and it looks absolutely beautiful from the outside - a little refuge from the city surrounding it. it’s in a part of town that i love (and lived near for awhile) and only about ten minutes from our house, which will be totally awesome once i go into labor - only a little time being uncomfortable in the car.

between the beautiful landscape, the gorgeous laboring tubs/rooms and the relaxing layout of the place, i’m really hoping we can get in. it all depends on if we click with the midwives (which, after reading their bios and philosophies, i think will be easy), if they have a spot open (which at this point, i think we’re getting a pretty early start) and if my insurance will cover it (bastards). fingers crossed, because i get really anxious thinking about having our baby in a hospital if i don’t need to. i just really want to have him/her in an environment that is peaceful and loving and relaxing, and where i won’t be pushed to have an epidural or give birth laying on my back.



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